Our Product

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® - SCP 327

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection® Technology provides a wide range of concrete protection features such as rapid curing at time of pour, deters development of corrosion conditions, densification, strengthening & surface hardening, and permanent resistance to salt and chemical attack. Watch the Spray-Lock video below to learn more about how this solution provides permanent protection to your concrete slab surfaces. Learn more about Spray-Lock here.

Spray-Lock Concrete Protection manufactures zero VOCs spray-applied concrete treatments that penetrate into concrete capillaries and pores to waterproof and protect the entire capillary and pore structure. SCP Treatments are the solution for fast-track construction, offering a 28-day water ponding cure in just 14 days, and they offer the best protection against curling, shrinkage, cracking, efflorescence, and freeze-thaw.

Our Service

On-site application on pour day

Our crew coordinates with your project manager to perform on-site application of the Spray-Lock SCP 327 right after the concrete slab is poured.

Our crew will work with minimal site disruption to move quickly and efficiently in order to keep your project on time and on-target. Furthermore, WCP coordinates and aligns directly with Spray-Lock representatives, which ensure the correct application of the SCP 327 solution in order to provide you with their 15-year warranty.

Please contact us today so we can work with your project and provide you with solutions to evaluate, restore and/or protect your concrete.