Spray-Lock and protect your concrete now


We are a company that specializes in concrete protection using the Spray-Lock SCP 327 treatment. Our goal is provide the ultimate protection for your concrete. One application of the Spray-Lock Concrete Protection treatment will waterproof and protect your concrete against moisture, corrosion and future costly repairs; all with minimum impact on your project timelines.





We apply the Spray-Lock SCP 327 sealing solution to your slab immediately after you pour it.



One-time application provides permanent waterproofing and protection from acid and other corrosive elements.



Minimum site disruption, accelerate your project timelines save money on costly repairs.


We are one of the only companies in Texas that are equipped and trained to correctly apply the Spray-Lock SCP 327 spray-applied treatment. We work directly with Spray-Lock to ensure correct application and provide a 15-year warranty on your project.

The treatment is applied directly to the slab immediately after it is poured and reacts with the free alkali in the concrete to seal capillaries and pore spaces, effectively waterproofing the slab and providing protection from rust and other corrosive elements that might damage the beams or the concrete itself.

Before & After Spray-Lock Treatment

The WCP crew applying the Spray-Lock sealing treatment at one of our client's sites.

The WCP crew applying the Spray-Lock sealing treatment at one of our client's sites.

Protect your concrete now, Save time and money later.

Moisture-related flooring problems costs the construction industry $1 billion per year. Protecting your concrete upon installations helps avoid delays, streamline your completion dates, and avoid costly repairs in the future.